Materials in the library include books, magazines, newspapers, music CDs, entertainment and non-fiction DVDs, audio books, income tax forms, career guides, college catalogs and local history materials. We also have downloadable books and media on our Resources page. Search our Library Catalog for listings.

Library Cards

Romulus Public Library cards will be issued to residents of Romulus and Huron Township, as well as those working in Romulus. Library cards can be used at all TLN participating libraries.  For more information, see the Library Circulation Policy.


Item Type Loan Period Overdue Fine
Books 21 days .20 per day
Magazines 7 days .20 per day
Books on CD 21 days .20 per day
DVDs 7 days 1.00 per day
CDs 21 days .20 per day

Library Services

Sixteen public computers
Printing ($0.10 per page)
Wireless internet access
Earbuds and Flashdrives available for purchase
B/W & Color Copy Machine ($0.10 per B/W & $0.25 per color copy)
Fax Machine (Outgoing faxes only. $1.00 per page)
Meeting Room
Wireless Printing