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Library Cards

Romulus Public Library cards will be issued to residents of Romulus and Huron Township, as well as those working in Romulus. Library cards can be used at all TLN participating libraries.  For more information, see the Library Circulation Policy.


Item Type Loan Period Overdue Fine
Books 21 days .20 per day
Magazines 7 days .20 per day
Books on CD 21 days .20 per day
DVDs 7 days 1.00 per day
CDs 21 days .20 per day


The Romulus Public Library is a member of The Library Network (TLN), a cooperative of over 70 public libraries in southeast Michigan. Circulation of materials is available to all registered library cardholders in TLN with a valid library card in good standing.

1.      Patron Responsibility

When becoming a library cardholder, the patron agrees to comply with the policies of the Romulus Public Library and accepts the following responsibilities:

A. Patrons are required to present their valid library card in order to checkout materials.

B. Cardholders have the option of presenting a digital version of their library card barcode on a mobile device using an app.

C. Library materials checked out are the sole responsibility of the patron whose card was used for checkout.

D. The library expects materials to be returned in the same condition as when they were borrowed.

E. Patron agrees to return all borrowed items by the due date or pay overdue charges as designated by the owning library.

F. Patron will pay replacement costs assessed for lost, unreturned, or damaged items.

G. Patron will not lend their card to others.

H. Patron will report changes in their name, address, phone number, and email.

I. Patron will report lost or stolen cards.

J. Patron will obey the rules of behavior when visiting the library.

K. When signing a library card application for a child under the age of 18, the patron accepts full responsibility for fines and other charges on the child’s card, lost or damaged items and accepts responsibility to monitor and approve the child’s choice of library materials and other informational resources.

2.      Library Cards for Residents

A. Adults (18 years or older) residing in the City of Romulus or Huron Township are eligible to receive a library card. Cards must be requested from the Romulus Public Library and proof of residency is required.

B. Acceptable proof of residency includes a valid driver’s license or Michigan state ID with current address. Patrons who have recently moved and their identification does not reflect their current address, may present a current lease agreement, utility bill, property tax bill, voter’s registration or paycheck stub (dated within past 30 days) along with your driver’s license or state ID.

C. Cards are valid for three years from the date of issue.

D. Children and young adults (under age 18) may receive a library card with the consent of their parent/ guardian.

E. The parent/guardian and the child/children must be present at the time a minor card is issued.

G. Upon signing the library card application for a minor, the parent/guardian accepts legal responsibility for late fees, lost materials and any damage to library materials.

H. Lost item costs and any accompanying referral fees must be paid in full before a library card can be renewed.

I. There is a charge of $1.00 to replace lost cards.

3.      Library Cards for those who work in Romulus

A. Non-residents who work in the city of Romulus and do not have a card from another TLN library are eligible to receive a library card.

B. Photo ID, proof of address and a current check stub (dated within 4 weeks) or badge imprinted with the name of the Romulus business is required to receive a library card. Proof of employment on an electronic device is also acceptable.

C. Proof of employment is required when renewing library card.

D. Cards are valid for one year from the date of issue.

E. Lost item costs and any accompanying referral fees must be paid in full before a library card can be renewed.

F. There is a charge of $1.00 to replace lost cards.

4.      Borrowing

A. Library materials are available for checkout with the exception of materials designated as non-circulating.

B. Materials circulate according to the following predetermined borrowing schedule:

  • Books, audio books and music CDs may be checked out for 21 days
  • Kits may be checked out for 14 days (no renewals)
  • DVDs and magazines may be checked out for 7 days

C. A date due slip is issued at the time of checkout as a courtesy.

D. Patrons have the option of receiving a printed receipt or an email receipt.

E. Loan policies are available to patrons on the library website and at the Circulation Desk.

F. Patrons may request that a hold be placed on an item through the online catalog, by calling the library or in person.

G. Requested items will be held for a period of ten days.

H. Requested items must be checked out on the account of the patron making the request or an authorized user.

5.      Returns

A. Borrowed materials may be returned at the circulation desk or placed in the outside drop box.

B. Items returned when the library is closed will be back-dated to the previous open day.

C. Kits must be returned inside the library.

6.      Renewals

A. Borrowed materials may be renewed twice, unless another patron is waiting for the item. Other limits may apply.

B. Materials designated as part of a special collection may not be renewed.

C. Materials may be renewed through the online catalog or by using our 24/7 Automated Phone Renewal system.

D. Items may also be renewed at the circulation desk or by calling the library during regular library hours.

7.      Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a cooperative agreement between libraries to lend and borrow materials from their collections.

A. Romulus Public Library offers cardholders the option to borrow items that are not available in its collection through the interlibrary loan service.

B. For items available at other TLN libraries, a hold may be placed through the online catalog at the circulation desk, or by calling the library.

C. Items that are not owned by any TLN library may be requested through the Michigan eLibrary (MeL). MeL materials must be returned to the library where they were picked up in order to be checked in properly and returned to the owning library.

D. Patrons are notified when items are available for pick-up by email, text or phone as noted in their library account.

E. Interlibrary loan materials will be held for pick-up for ten days, after which they will be returned to the lending library or forwarded to the next patron in the queue.

8.      Overdue Fines and Replacement Charges

A. Patrons are responsible for returning library materials on time and in the same condition they were in when borrowed.

B. Materials owned by the Romulus Public Library that are not returned by the due date will be issued a fine based on the following predetermined structure:

  • Books, audiobooks, music CDs and magazines .20 a day per item
  • DVDs and kits $1.00 a day per item

C. There is no grace period.

D. Fines for items borrowed from other TLN libraries or through MeL are determined by the owning library.

E. Patrons accumulating fines exceeding $15 will lose their borrowing and computer privileges until the fines are paid down to under $15 or paid off completely.

F. A replacement charge will be added to the patron’s account for lost items.

G. At the library’s discretion, a replacement charge including the cost to replace the item may be added to the patron’s account for materials returned that are deemed by the library not to be shelf-worthy. This may include lost or damaged audio or visual discs, lost or damaged cases, soiling, tears, highlighting, liquid damage, or other obvious damage as determined by library staff.

H. Library privileges will be suspended on a patron’s account until all fines associated with a damaged item are settled.

I. Damaged materials will be kept for up to three months from the date the charge was added.

J. Once the replacement fee is paid, the damaged material becomes the property of the patron.

K. The library reserves the right to immediately dispose of any materials that are deemed by library staff to be a risk of any type.

9.      Overdue Notices

A. A fine will be charged for items returned after the due date, according to a predetermined borrowing schedule.

B. If the item is not returned after 7 days from the due date, an overdue notice is sent out.

C. If the item is not returned after 30 days from the due date, an “assumed lost” notice is sent out and the patron is billed for the item.

D. If the item is returned, the bill will be waived but the patron will still owe the overdue charges.

E. Notification of fines/lost item charges of $25 or more that are 51 days past due will be forwarded to a material recovery agency and an additional charge of $10 will be added to the patron’s account.

F. The material recovery agency will then be responsible for contacting the patron to request that overdue items be returned to the library and all outstanding charges be paid.

G. The library does not accept replacement copies of lost items obtained by the patron.

H. The library is not able to offer refunds for items found after payment is received.

I. If a lost item is paid for and found, the item becomes the property of the patron.

10. Privacy Act and Authorized Users

A. In compliance with Michigan Library Privacy Act 455 of 1982, Romulus Public Library does not identify the titles of materials borrowed or placed on hold by a cardholder to anyone other than the cardholder or person given authorization by the cardholder.

B. All records are kept confidential and only shared with the cardholder and those individuals to whom the cardholder has given authorization and/or as a result of appropriate legal orders.

C. To allow others to have admittance to an account, the cardholder must specify the names of those allowed authorized access to be added to their patron account.

D. Authorized access may be revoked at any time by the cardholder.

E. When renewing their library card, the cardholder will be asked to verify if the authorized user is still valid.


Adopted by the Romulus Library Board 8/2012; Amended and approved 2/2013; 7/2013; 10/2014; 5/2017